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Blauer USA is among the world's leaders of urban & outdoor wear. The brand, which was born in 1936 for the supply of technical garments for police forces and selected sectors of the american army, combines values such as the authenticity and a rigorous-technical style typical of the brand's heritage, to a product of great quality, innovation and trend. Blauer's fragrances reflect the same strong identity, and interpret in an olfactory sense -with the quality of the raw materials and the formulation research- the typical features of the brand.


UN1T3D, this is the name of the new eau de toilette for him and her signed by BLAUER USA, proudly recalls the origin of the brand born in the United States of America and represents an alphanumeric code that derives from the military tradition of the brand holding in itself a positive message, that of the unity! UN1T3D resumes and enhances the fundamental features of the Blauer brand in the product aesthetic : from the refined yet minimal design, to the richness of components, to the materials innovation and to the production techniques used. Everything speaks of Blauer and symbolically surrounds the badge, an iconographic emblem that historically distinguishes the brand and recalls the American police coat of arms.

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